Redesign democracy: Campaigns for peace

How can we help young people understand their potential to actively shape their world and become politically active?

We - a group of design thinkers from the d.collective - asked this question and at the beginning of 2017, Trump had just become president and also in Germany the AFD became more and more popular.

After some meetings and worked through nights Redesign Democracy was born. Since then we have organized over 30 events in different cities in Germany and France and cooperated with countless organizations.

Here is an interview in which I explain Redesign Democracy for the magazine "vorwärts".

In June 2018, we collaborated with Studio PO from Tel Aviv and the Stiftung Deutsch-Israelisches Zukunftsforum.

We wanted to find out together: Is peace just an empty signifier? Or can we find peace in relation? In friendship? Through action? Is peace just absence of war... or could it be something more?

To read the final report including the prototypes, click on the picture below.