Contextual technology opportunities for the self-driving future

Together with the design studio NEEEU I was asked to investigate how smart devices might relate to mobility services in a future of self-driving vehicles.

Since we are not fortune-tellers, we had to develop a research approach that allowed us to look into the future. We started by interviewing people who already have a very mobile lifestyle today - digital normads, refugees, remote workers and globetrotters.
What was striking was the fact that many of them only know a fraction of their city, mostly the quarters in which they live and work.

A city holds many secrets, things you wouldn't even care to ask about because you know nothing about its existence - so-called unknown unknowns.
Especially people who are moving a lot would like to decipher a new city quickly and get access to local knowledge.
Based on these insights the central question evolved of how to make the unknown unknowns of a city visible and easily accessible in space. 

In the overall 8-weeks project we combined field research, interviews, cultural probes, rapid prototyping and user testing to gain a deep understanding of people's shifting behaviours around emergent mobility and technology trends.

Together with Volkswagen Future Center, we developed an extensive and playful vision of future mobility.