In her art, Katharina creates narrative worlds and analogue immersive experiences that connect performance, theatre, and music. Her events pull the audience into a story that they become part of and aim for the bliss of insight.

As with her workshops, thorough preparation and structure serves improvisation in the performance itself, inspired by the audience, the moment, and the wisdom of her body.

She designs and performs immersive and transformative experiences for corporates and cultural institutions.

Picture: Dico Baskoro ©

Katharina trained at arthaus.berlin, where she completed an intensive one year course in physical theater and clown, based on the methods of Jacques Lecoq.

She participated in different show, such as:
  • May & Nov 2019: Heart Chor – The Musical (part 1 & 2)
  • July 2021: Quest for Joy – Immersive Theatre Performance (Trailer)
  • Oct 2021: The sensual restaurant – Immersive experience with Pinky Promise
  • Nov 2021: LABYRINTH: Metamorphosis – Immersive performance with 1781 Collective
  • Nov 2021: Touching the verses – erotic poetry performance

Picture: Dico Baskoro ©

Since 2015, Katharina plays in clubs and festivals. She spins musical threads between Berlin, South America and the rest of the world to a colourful web of dreamy melodies, earthy beats and trippy vocals.

︎ soundcloud.com/uschijaggr

She played at:
Per Anhalter Festival (Germany) Artlake Festival (Germany) Mensch Meier Club (Berlin) Birgit & Bier Club (Berlin) Ecstatic Dance Berlin, Import Export (Munich), Kulthum (Riga, Latvia) ...and many more.

“The Spaghetti”

The short performance at the intersection of clowning and object theater, takes the audience on the comically absurd journey of a spaghetti. The two clowns become supporting actors who follow the spaghetti on its metamorphosis.

Developed and performed by Ilaria de Luca and Katharina v. Sohlern.

Katharina has been performing, dancing and singing on festivals, stages and in clubs of Berlin with Heart Chor - a transcosmic performance collective – since 2017.

︎ www.instagram.com/heartchorlove

Some venues that she performed in with Heart Chor:
  • KitKat Club
  • Sisyphos
  • Kater Blau
  • Fusion Festival
  • Garbicz Festival
...and many more....

Katharina organized and curated events and exhibitions for guerilla-art.mx, a German-Mexican street art collective consisting of street artists and filmmakers founded by the artist Yescka in 2011. Born from the wish to spread intercultural art the collective has successfully organized project trips, exhibitions, and has contributed to numerous street art festivals. (Mexico, Germany, USA, Switzerland, Sweden, and Spain).
She also directed and produced the documentary film “guerilla-art.mx” that was shown on various festivals and events, including Fusion Festival 2013 and CityLeaks Festival.
Trailer of the movie “guerilla-art.mx”

Katharina v. Sohlern — Berlin, 2020        Impressum, LinkedIn