Redesign democracy: Design for an open and transparent society

Pressenza France and la Ruche invited me to come to Paris and collaborate on their event series: “Lanceurs d’alerte et Démocratie“

I designed a workshop experience for them with the topic: 
Redesign Democracy: How to use the mindset of a whistleblower to create an open and transparent society.

Whistleblowers call the status quo into question by revealing sensitive information to the public. In the workshop, we explored how this principle can be used in order to create a more open and transparent society.

We started out by understanding the mindset of whistleblowers based on selected quotes, articles and images. Who are them? What is the driving force of their engagement? What dangers or abuses are they trying to avoid? What are the risks associated with their engagement?

A team discussion followed to define more concrete and easy-to-address challenges. Here are some of the challenges imagined by the participants:
How could we access "real" information in a world where the media is not free?
How can we help people create a political consciousness?
How do we get out of our comfort zone in a world where information is controlled by monopolies?
How can we encourage risk-taking in a world where information is kept secret when it should be public?

Despite very short deadlines, the participants succeeded in proposing creative solutions that have several common denominators: the need for individual effort, the importance of teamwork, the desire for decentralization, the need for free and independent sources of information, the conviction that a better world is possible.

Click here to read about the workshop (article in french).