Design a true relief for Diabetes patients

As part of the Design Thinking program at HPI School of Design Thinking, I developed a service prototype for a large pharmaceutical company.
They approached us with the challenge to design a product that provides true relief for diabetes patients – one of the fastest growing diseases in the world.

We started out by understanding how the typical journey of a diabetes patient looks like, from the diagnoses to the day to day life with the disease. We discovered that lifestyle and diet were the central challenges for diabetes patients. For people to change their habits and control their diets, they needed consistent, positive reinforcement from General Practitioners and a patient support system that addressed their individual needs and fears.

From here we came up with several ideas on how to support patients in an engaging and playful way which we quickly turned into prototypes to test them. After several rounds of iteration and a co-creation workshop with the client, we delivered the final service prototype, including the business design.