Deine Idee für deine Gegend. Mitmachen statt zuschauen

The BayernForum of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung provides citizens, decision-makers, multipliers and young people with a platform to inform themselves and find solutions to socio-political and social challenges in the state, federal government and local authorities as well as in the fields of education and training.

I was asked  to design and conduct a learning experience that would enable citizens to develop their own ideas and contribute them to political organizations. A special focus is set to be on the development of long-term and sustainable solutions with a political impact.
„Deine Ideen für deine Gegend“ was born –  a series of workshops in five different bavarian communities to create and collect ideas on an online platform and connect politically engaged individuals and organizations. 

This is one of the idea-prototypes that were developed in the first workshop in Munich in September: