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Running workshops is an art and science of its own. It takes good planning, deep empathy, and attunement to each moment of the workshop to make it possible for participants to show up with their genius.

In her workshops, Katharina draws on a wide set of methods, ranging from design thinking, systemic coaching, mindfulness, physical theatre, and yoga. Her workshops draw on her own embodiment practice and recognize participants as both, minds and bodies. She uses structure to invite participants to tune into their intuition and make improvisation possible.

With her work, Katharina wants to empower people to change the environments they are in, step into their agency and trust their own sense of possibility. New work, new leadership, collaboration, innovation in corporate settings, NGOs, and politics are some of her favorite topics to work on.

Video: »Basislager Demokratie« im Rahmen der Ausstellung »Friedrich von Borries.
Politics of Design. Design of Politics.«

Katharina v. Sohlern — Berlin, 2020        Impressum, LinkedIn