I use ethnographic research, service design, co-creation, prototyping and many other established and experimental techniques to document and decipher human behavior and create positive outcomes for people, organizations and the environment.

I help organizations navigate an ever-increasing uncertainty and make good decisions about their future. My projects impact strategy, service and product design, community engagement, business models and brands.

I can help you with:
  • Developing a foundational understanding of human behavior and experience to identify opportunities for design
  • Mapping customer journeys and drivers of change
  • Prototyping and testing of new services and products
  • Development of learning experiences that change perspectives

My perspective comprises a unique mix of training in ethnography, human centered design and a comprehensive knowledge of qualitative research methods.
I studied Social Anthropology at LMU in Munich, UM in Spain and UAM in Mexico, Design Thinking at the School of Design Thinking at HPI Potsdam and systemic organization development. I’m certified in Scrum and Theory U.

I’m based in Berlin, working worldwide. I do projects in German, English and Spanish.

Most of my work is for commercial clients, although I also take on nonprofit and governmental projects. 

I worked with:  BCG Digital Ventures | Roche | VW | DB | eBay | mobile.de | Targo Bank | Zurich Insurance Group | Auswärtiges Amt | GIZ | Robert-Bosch Stiftung | Singapore Tourism Board | MLAB Europe and many more

I collaborate with: IXDS J2C | Useeds | NEEEU | Ideactio Singapore | 4ED1 | SINGA business lab

Interested in working with me? Drop me an e-mail: katharina@sohlern.de