Together with the coach and yoga teacher Anna Schwarz from Alpha Omega Yoga we developed a concept guiding the 20 participants through a three step process.

• Day One: Harvest
What have you been planting this year? What can you harvest?
Finding and reflecting on this years life lessons.

• Day Two: Planting
How do you want to nourish yourself and others? Which seeds do you need to plant? Finding your intention.

• Day Three: Cultivating and Nourishment
What soil do you need to grow and flourish?
Designing a nourishing environment for your seeds.

We work with a embodied approach using a variety of methodologies and healing techniques originating from Yoga, Mindfulness, systemic coaching, design thinking and other embodiment practices.

Anna and I have been collaborating since the beginning of the year, offering a transformative experience through movement, breath and sound to our participants. We call it: LSD Yoga