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Strategic Design

Katharina has worked for a range of clients including Cornelsen, eBay, mobile, Roche, VW, BHS, Targo Bank, ÖRAG Insurance and Interactive Media Foundation. She collaborates with Board of Innovation, J2C, IXDS, Ideactio Singapore, USEEDS and NEEEU.

* Ethnographic Research * UX Research and Testing * Ideation * Prototyping * Service Design * Design Sprints


Katharina offers workshops (online and offline), retreats, talks as well as coaching on innovation, leadership and social change. She is also experienced in facilitating group processes and design sprints. She has worked for a range of clients including DB, Zurich Insurance Group, GIZ, Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung, Robert-Bosch Stiftung, Auswärtige Amt, SINGA and Singapore Tourism Board.

* Design Thinking * New Work and Leadership * Train-the-trainer * Ethnographic Research * Social Innovation * Personal Development * Yoga and mindfulness 

Production and Curation

Katharina has more than 10 years experience working in festivals, arts and events internationally. She has curated and organized workshops, concerts and exhibitions, specializing in merging political & social issues with immersive design and creative outputs.

* Workshop- and Experience Design * Venue & festival programming * Event Management

Katharina v. Sohlern — Berlin, 2020        Impressum, LinkedIn