Experience space as enabler for creativity

How can you let people experience space as creative enabler and encourage a playful approach to it?

This was the initial question that Anne-Lorraine Selke, Atlas Talisman and I asked ourselves when we were approached by the D.Confestival to contribute to the program.

The outcome was an interactive performance called Psycho-Spatial-Agents which took place in the impressive AXICA Forum, right next to the Brandenburger Gate.

For sixty minutes each of audience of twenty went through the basic training to become a Psycho- Spatial Agent. We challenged the audience to explore how this space makes some things easy and others impossible. We invited them to play around and against these fossilized intentions of architects and facility management with improvised songs, fountains of fuzzy water, furniture pyramids and tablecloth dresses.

Pictures taken by Jan von der Heide