In her qualitative user research, Katharina combines her genuine curiosity for other people’s realities, her academic training as an anthropologist, and years of experience running research projects across a wide range of contexts. She immerses herself in local realities to understand the details of people’s lives and the inherent logic that pulls each world together.

She draws on 7 years of practical experience in designing and running research projects (exploratory research, testing, prototyping, and qualitative studies) and comes up with custom-made research approaches that fit the specifics of the situation at hand. She helps organizations navigate an ever-increasing uncertainty and make good decisions about their future. Her projects impact strategy, service and product design, community engagement, business models and brands.

Drawing on her artistic practice, she finds compelling ways to communicate her research findings.

She has worked on topics in the fields of mobility, health, retail, insurance, food, finance and tech in Europe and Asia. Most of the work is for commercial clients and remains confidential.

Some Projects:


– three prestigious German museums in the field of archeology are working together to open up the field of archaeology by developing new digital formats and new working methods that centre new and existing visitors.

Role: Design and facilitation of 8 workshops on new work, agile project management, human-centred design and creativity. Design and facilitation of two co-creation workshops with visitors.

In collaboration with:
LWL-Museum für Archäologie,  LWL-Römermuseum Haltern, Deutsche Bergbau-Museum Bochum and NEEEU Spaces GmbH


– Optimierung und Nutzerzentrierung der Bundesförderung Breitband und Gigabit (Förderprozess)

Das Referat beschäftigt sich mit der deutschlandweiten Breitbandförderung und arbeitet dafür mit zwei Projektträgern zusammen. Zur Verbesserung des Antragsverfahren haben beide Projektträger eine Online-Plattform entwickelt, über die der Förderprozess abgewickelt wird. Diese Online-Plattformen sollten hinsichtlich ihrer Nutzer:innenfreundlichkeit weiterentwickelt werden.

Rolle: Gestaltung und Durchführung eines Prozesses, um die Plattformen in Zusammenarbeit mit den Projektträgern und Zuwendungsempfänger:innen nutzer:innenzentriert zu gestalten. Vermittlung von agilen Arbeitsmethoden an das Team des BMDV.


– a humorous twist on sexist narratives. With the speculative product BlueyGloves, we have contributed to the public discourse of sexism and the stigmatization of the period. The public debate resulted in the withdrawal of PinkeyGloves from the market.

Role: Concept Design, Text

In collaboration with: Sarah Schäfer, Sebastian Drab and Katrina Günther


– using Instagram, AI and Interactive Storytelling to empower teenagers to fight against online data collection,  targeted advertising and political manipulation.
YOUR DATA MIRROR is composed of multiple parts, on one side, an AI powered interactive storytelling experience, and on the other, a portal with information shaped to meet the needs and curiosity of our teenage audience.

Role: User Research,  Service Design, Facilitation of the co-creation process

In collaboration with:
University of Cambridge – Psychometrics Centre, Tactical Tech, Ag-prop, Interactive Media Foundation and NEEEU Spaces  GmbH

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Katharina v. Sohlern — Berlin, 2020        Impressum, LinkedIn