As strategic designer, Katharina studies human behavior in context and designs holistic solutions that satisfy latent, unmet needs and drive strategic value.

She uses ethnographic research, service design, co-creation, prototyping and other established and experimental techniques to document and decipher human behavior and create positive outcomes for people, organizations and the environment.

She helps organizations navigate an ever-increasing uncertainty and make good decisions about their future. Her projects impact strategy, service and product design, community engagement, business models and brands.

She has worked on topics in the fields of mobility, health, retail, insurance, food, finance and tech.

Project: Ethnographic research on Smart Future
Client: MLOVE

Project: Design Sprint to design story-driven tools that inform teens about the dangers of data misuse and online propaganda
Client: Interactive Media Foundation, NEEEU

Katharina also likes to engage in discussions about the current developments in the field of Human-Centred Design. 

She has been invited as a speaker at:

More projects:

Co-Creating new Dining Technologies with BSH

– 2 week Design Sprint with IXDS
Role: UX Research, Service Design

Envisioning The Future of Mobility
– 8 week Design Sprint with NEEEU
Role: Ethnographic Research, Service Design

Artikel: Von Big Data und Thick Data
– die Potentiale ethnologischer Forschung für Big Data Analysen

Katharina v. Sohlern — Berlin, 2020        Impressum, LinkedIn