Design a holistic service experience for clients in need of legal advice


We were approached by a large german insurance provider with the challenge to design a service experience for clients in need of legal advice.

We began by understanding in which important moments in life people seek legal advice and mapped out user journeys.
Every human faces over the course of their life events that change their existing life situation and forces them to take measures to cope and adapt. Examples of critical life events are: Loss of job, separation/divorce, death of partner or child, serious illness/accident of one's own or family member as well as life-threatening events.
We discovered that going through such a critical moment in life, people turn to experts who advise them on a professional level, but they lack emotional support.

Based on these findings, we developed initial ideas and prototypes for a holisitic consulting experience that addresses the professional and emotional level, which we tested and iterated in several weekly sprints.

The outcome of the 8-week project was a click dummy and a service blue print.