Katharina v. Sohlern

In a world where humans are becoming increasingly polarized, I use research, design and play to bridge connections among people and spark empathy, curiosity, and wonder about one another.

I’m a strategic designer, field researcher, facilitator and creative whose work lies at the intersection of innovation, design and culture.

I see the world as a space of possibilities for creation and design.
In crafting strategic, creative, and transformative learning experiences, I aim to encourage people to trust their sense of possibilities and unleash their creative agency.

I combine different approaches from social anthropology, design (thinking) and theater. I worked with organizations from the private and public sector. Find more about my work on LinkedIn.

What i do.

Strategic Design
I employ a holistic approach, utilizing design principles and methods to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for complex problems.

Immersive Experience Design
Inspired by rituals, I craft immersive formats that bring people together and foster collective transformation.

Process Facilitation and Moderation
I accompany people in unfolding their creative potential and trusting their sense of possibilities.

Performance and Artistic Production
I utilize participatory theater as a tool for audience self-reflection, aiming to explore the magic and absurdities of human existence.

If this resonates, let’s have a coffee.
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Some organizations that i worked with:
Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV), Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG),  Interactive Media Foundation,  NEEEU Spaces GmbH,  Board of Innovation, Singa Business Lab, DB, die DAS